Related Services

Related Services

Water Heaters:

Whether you’re hot water needs is the best conventional tank style heater available or one of the high performance high efficiency heaters or a tank-less water heaters, we can design a water heating system to meet any need. From a single faucet to a restaurant or dormitory water system, no job is too large or small.

Hot Water Return Systems:

Are you tired of waiting and waiting on hot water? Jacksonhouse specializes in designing hot water return systems to meet your needs. We are one of the few companies that are able to provide a gravity flow hot water system (no pump to break down). Whether you are building, adding on, or just need hot water without having to run gallons (of money) down the drain waiting, we can handle your needs. We are also listed by several manufactures as representatives for repair needs.

Backflow Preventer

We install, test, and repair backflows.

What is a backflow preventer? While there are numerous types of BFP, the most common is the Reduce Pressure Backflow Preventer. If you have a lawn irrigation system in your yard, you should have one of these devices. It can be found under that strange green box or under a fiberglass rock. Quite simply put, the device stops water which has passed thru the device from backing up (back flowing) into the city water system.

These devices require annual testing. The reason for this: as in an irrigation system, is to prevent chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides, fertilizer and other foreign matter that can be introduced into your sprinkler systems from being drawn into drinking water which could be deadly. If your backflow needs are residential or commercial, we have your back.

    • Fire Sprinkler Double Check Valves system requires semi-annual testing
    • Point of entry requires annual testing

Sewer and Drain Problems:

Slow or stopped up drains are tough to correct sometimes. We can clear your drains or replace them if needed and have you flowing smooth.

Camera Service:

Broken leaking drains can be identified and pinpointed using camera systems and location devices. Camera detection can save you money by limiting the demolition of large areas to make repairs.

Locator Service:

How do you find the location of water, drain, and other lines if you don’t know where they are? Jacksonhouse has the tools and the knowledge to solve that problem.

Water Services and Lines:

The water line from the meter at the street to your house or building is called your water service. Water lines are the piping system inside the building. A leak on either of those systems can sometimes be tricky to locate and repair. If you need leaks found and repaired or any part of your water system replaced, you can count on JHP to get it done right.

Leak Detection:

If the water is finding a way to out, we will find a way to get in and identify the problem. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experience, we find all kinds of concealed leaks, no matter where in your plumbing they may be hiding

Frozen pipe repair and thawing…use your Winterization and De-winterization – Proper winterization (and de-winterization) to your properties can avoid expensive plumbing issues associated with freezing (Especially important for your foreclosure properties)

Medical Gas Lines:

Oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen are common gases used in dental offices, surgery centers, hospitals and ECT. JHP is licensed to install and repair as well as purchase these systems.

Ejector Pump and Sump Pumps:

Ejector pumps: are used to lift sewage that is below the city sewage system to that level. For disposal, typical uses for this are basement homes or homes built below street level. They typically have a storage tank and an alarm flashing light to alert you of a malfunction. Cities also use these systems on a larger scale to move sewage up and over hills.

Sump Pumps: While in the same family are typically used to move rain water from areas that it may collect below any gravity drainage area up to a safe disposal site. They may pump to the outside or may be connected to the plumbing system. Pool pump is one of sump pumps.

Pool Piping and Systems:

JHP can take care of your pool piping needs as well as leak detection and repair. Pool traps also installed.