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The Jacksonhouse Team

We Specialize in New Construction and Remodeling!

Where Quality and Experience Count!

Jacksonhouse Plumbing is a locally owned and operated second generation plumbing company with over 35 years experience.  Jackson House Plumbing offers a variety of services for new construction projects for home builders, contractors and construction companies throughout Tipton, Shelby County and surrounding area.

Where did we get the name “Jacksonhouse”?

As the story was told to me (Richard Moser);Phillip and Terrie bought their daughter a play kitchen set with the name “Westinghouse” on it. Their daughter started calling it her “Jacksonhouse”kitchen set. Well out of the “mouth of babies” – a company name was created!

Jacksonhouse-Plumbing-RichardI (Richard Moser) began working as an apprentice plumber for Jacksonhouse Plumbing in 1979 after leaving the Air Force. I received my journeyman license in 1981 and my master PLBG licenses in 1985. In 1990, I left Jacksonhouse Plumbing to become the Chief Plumbing Inspector and Mechanical Inspector for the City of Bartlett. Shortly after serving in that position for 9 years, I returned; purchasing Jacksonhouse Plumbing. When I purchased Jacksonhouse Plumbing it did not include the building; consequently, we relocated in May 2009.   “We were blessed with a wonderful location in Arlington close to Highway’s 70 and 385. 2009.

Richard Moser Plumbing Certifications, Licenses and Qualifications:

Certifications:  Plumbing Engineering, Master Plumber, Chief Plumbing Inspector, Chief Mechanical Inspector, ASSE Certified Medical Gas License.

Licenses: Plumbing, Gas, General Contractor, Medical Gas Installation and Backflow Prevention Certified. Code Violation Corrections

Our Plumbers:

Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers are experts in the areas of new construction, renovations /remodels, and plumbing repairs; including hot water heaters, sewer lines, backflow preventers, pipe leaks, drain clogs, and exterior utility work you may have. (This utility work includes professional installation of sewer, water, and gas lines or repair of the existing ones.)

What We Do

New Construction: We specialize in new construction of all types.

  • Residential: New homes and outside building, outdoor kitchens and any plumbing needs you would do in and around your home or investment property.
  • Commercial: New free standing building of all kinds, malls, doctor and dentist offices, surgery lines, auto shops, and plants are just a few examples in which we are proficient.

Remodels: We can handle any type remodel, residential or commercial

Other Sewer Services and Repairs:

Root removal
Well System Repairs