Backflow Preventer

We install, test, and repair backflows.

What is a backflow preventer? While there are numerous types of BFP, the most common is the Reduce Pressure Backflow Preventer. If you have a lawn irrigation system in your yard, you should have one of these devices. It can be found under that strange green box or under a fiberglass rock. Quite simply put, the device stops water which has passed thru the device from backing up (back flowing) into the city water system.

These devices require annual testing. The reason for this: as in an irrigation system, is to prevent chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides, fertilizer and other foreign matter that can be introduced into your sprinkler systems from being drawn into drinking water which could be deadly. If your backflow needs are residential or commercial, we have your back.

    • Fire Sprinkler Double Check Valves system requires semi-annual testing
    • Point of entry requires annual testing